StockHelp provides training in handling
livestock competently, calmly and safely

StockHelp Schools


StockHelp offers a 1 day Livestock Handling School and 2 day Dog Training School. StockHelp schools offer a hands-on approach giving you the best opportunity to learn and practice situations similar to what you will experience in your own stock yards or paddock.

Schools are conducted on-property at “Peakview” at Young, NSW and at various locations throughout the year. StockHelp schools cater for varying skill levels, all types of livestock and handling with or without dogs.

As well as our schools, StockHelp offers customised training programs designed to meet your business’ specific needs. These programs take place on your property using your facilities and allow you and your team practical and ‘on the job’ training.

StockHelp one-on-one tuition is also available.

StockHelp instructor Angus Waddell (Dip in Ag) has travelled extensively throughout Australia conducting schools and has over 15 years experience training individuals, large groups and pastoral company employees.

Through his knowledge and lifetime experience with livestock, Angus helps students gain stockmanship confidence and competence by improving their livestock handling skills.

If you would like more information on hosting a Stockhelp school, please contact Sarah, who will provide you with further details.


StockHelp Livestock Handling School

The Livestock Handling School aims to teach the livestock handler confidence and competence in stock yard and paddock situations. Core topics covered include:

  • Behavioural patterns of livestock
  • Flight zones
  • Implications of stressed stock
  • Our body language.


StockHelp Dog Training School

Attending a dog training school will give you greater skills to work with than,”go back” and “get out of it you mongrel”, from a pup/dog you were given. You will see the real benefits and effciencies of incorporating working dogs into your livestock operation.

We start by appreciating the breeding that has gone into a pup that is breed to do the work that you do. The next step is probably the most critical of your dog’s life. This is where mistakes can be made, both physically and mentally. We need to utilize the great natural talent that your dog has and read the signs of what they are ready to do and when.

Finally, tips and hints to take your dog to work to get the most out of him and make it an enjoyable, beneficial experience.


“Just a quick email to say thank you again for the weekend and the experience. It was great to see how to start a pup and the systems that you use to get your dogs, and more importantly people, working so calmly and effectively.”

Alex Smith – Rangers Valley Cattle Station Glen Innes

“The StockHelp school Angus held at Innamincka Station was conducted well and was very relevant to our working situation. It is great to do ‘on the job’ stock handling, in our yards, in the job we do all the time with our weaning, drafting and branding programme. A job well done Angus.”

Graham Morton – Manager, Innamincka Station S Kidman & Co

“I have been using dogs from Angus Waddell on my weaners for the last four years. I have found that weaners worked with dogs are easier to handle and much quieter when letting out; therefore needing less staff and being much safer for them. Angus has really helped me with training my dogs, and is only a phonecall away if I need help. Most of my staff have completed Stock Handling Schools with Angus, and I have noticed marked improvement in their stockmanship.”

Ian Halstead – Manager, Naryilco Station