Waddy’s Collies is a breeder of pedigree
Border Collie working stock dogs

Waddy’s Collies

About Waddy’s Collies

Angus and Sarah Waddell’s Waddy’s Collies Border Collie Stud was established in 1993.

Waddy’s Collies are selectively bred, and highly sought after for their genetics, temperament, strength, heading ability and versatility. We sell pups and started working dogs year round to clients Australia-wide. Our pups are generally sold at 6-8 weeks of age with our Waddy’s Collies Pup Guarantee.

We believe it is so important to get a dog from people who are doing the same work, or more, that you intend for your pup. Angus can support you with the training of your pup through one-on-one tuition, group training or StockHelp schools.

Angus’s love and affinity with working dogs originated while working full time with livestock during his jackaroo days, and then through an enormous amount of dog trialling. Angus recognised in Border Collies the potential to breed a tough, talented working dog that was going to have many applications. The essential criteria that had to be met were:

  1. Temperament. It’s no good having a really smart dog with a poor temperament as we can’t get the best out of him. He also needs to be great with children.
  2. Heading ability. This is terribly important to us; to have a clean heading dog is a must.
  3. Strength. A dog must be able to stand nose-to-nose with a beast in a calm manner and hold it until given the command to bite.
  4. “Feel”. A dog has to have “feel” on his stock. His ability to be able to read stock is paramount.
  5. Conformation. He needs to be leggy and fast, with stamina integral for performance.

For us, this is all summarised in one word – GENETICS, and so genetics is where we have placed our focus. A look at our dogs and their pedigrees tells a great story of phenomenal backgrounds that make up our dogs and our direction.

As a Livestock Contractor (long days and miles, big numbers), StockHelp instructor and through on-property stock work, Angus has the opportunity to put our Waddy’s Collies breeding principles into practice on a daily basis.


“We love Spice he can move stubborn angus steers, awesome on the sheep and so gentle on chooks!!. These puppies you breed are all-rounders. Sugar is going well, she is a lot easier this time round to get a handle on and this is because of our new found knowledge from the stock help school and already having Waddy’s Spice. These dogs are amazing and we look forward to getting another one soon”.

Tim & Laurie Packham – Blayney  NSW

“Thank you for allowing me to purchase one of your pups. Waddy’s Skipper – Waddy’s Snoopy x Hylite Ice. I will be training Skip for Obedience and Agility Trialling.   If these first days of having him here are anything to go by I would say that I definitely have a winner here. Although only 7 weeks old he is developing  such a strong character, inquisitive, alert and quite fearless with the other BIG dogs.  He is quick to learn. Thank you once again and I wish you all success with your dogs and breeding programmes.”

Ann Brown – Glen Innes – NSW

“I bought 25 lambs three weeks ago to start training Biddy (Bill x Pip) on. She loves it! I have been having so much fun training her. We are just doing about 10 minutes in the morning and afternoon at the moment. She is so easy to train, very responsive. You are obviously both very passionate about what you are doing and it shows. Thank you, I am so happy with her. I don’t think thechooks and guinea pigs are that keen on her though!”

Marcus Clark – Tasmania

“Drover is a brilliant dog for us. Sue was a very, very good dog also, with her dying, it has left a huge gap. Your breed really suits us. Drover & Sue were hard on the bullocks and soft on the weaners. We take them everywhere mustering, big mobs or small, generally Ben by himself. They save us a lot of time, as in most cases, we’re shorthanded so we’re lucky to have them. We have to have dogs that can be hard and fast or soft and slow like them, when necessary. Ben says until he had Drover he’d never realised that a good dog will naturally place itself in the right spot. We’ve been lucky to have had Waddy’s Collies dogs, they are great dogs to have around.”

Ben & Cheri Stanger – Cowan Downs Station, Cloncurry QLD


Waddy’s Collies is proud to partner with Enduro, manufacturers of the best working dog feed in the country. Enduro is real pet food the way it used to be made. Real Kangaroo meat is used as the number 1 source of protein, providing a nutritious and highly palatable feed. Enduro are a 100% Australian owned company and buy only the best Australian produce with no fillers in any of their meals. The Enduro Plus formula is specifically made for the Aussie working dog to enhance energy levels to help sustain him and perform to his best ability for longer.